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Welcome to Sanjivani Ayurvedashram

Recognized as one of the leading Ayurvedic Treatment and Wellness Centers in India.

Sanjivani Ayurvedashram is among the most trusted and renowned brand names in the world of Ayurveda. Since its inception in the early ’60s, Sanjivani Ayurvedashram has been working towards health and wellness through the uniqueness of Ayurvedic Medicinal System and its holistic approach. We take the whole body, including the state of mind, into the consideration before a treatment is administered. Here we do not just treat a disease, but treat a patient.

Today we are known worldwide to provide excellent and powerful Ayurvedic treatments which aim to bring balanced equilibrium to your whole body and mind. By rigorously following principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) we ensure our medication is in conformity with the quality standards and guidelines of Governing Institutions.

Situated in Delhi/NCR region for over the years Sanjivani has established itself as a prominent brand name in the International industry of Healthcare and Wellness as well. Manufacturing more than 400 herbal ayurvedic medicines and sterile products (Bhasma) with modern and special equipments, we ensure standard operations and quality assurance. We offer a reliable and foremost solution for all types of diseases. We endeavor to serve best to our patients by converting traditional herbs into modern standardized medication formulated in an advanced manner to bring their ultimate power of healing forward in compliance with Total Quality Management (TQM). Our range of products are based on holistic wellness system with the customized approach of individualism. The sole aim is to cure with diversified authentic, pure and natural herbs crafted meticulously to deliver maximum effects and benefits to harmonize vata, pitta, and kapha and sustain balance to mind, body, and emotions.

Sanjivani Ayurvedashram, with its presence all over the world, has well-equipped centers, including in Haridwar, to ensure better health and lifestyle choices for you and your family, through the ages Ayurveda used both as a preventative and a curative health care system. The medicines used in Ayurveda are mostly extracts of herbs and vegetable. Another advantage of Ayurveda preparations is that these are devoid of any sort of side effects and, henceforth, are highly safe to use even for prolonged duration.

Moreover, with a team of qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Physicians, Sanjivani Ayurvedashram brings you the most trusted, high quality, authentic and standardized herbal supplements. The various treatments offered by us are devised and constantly monitored by expert doctors who are on call 24 hours a day.

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