Leucoderma Ayurvedic Treatment in Ghaziabad Delhi Noida India

What is Leucoderma or Vitiligo?

This is a chronic skin disease where the skin losses its normal colour due to several reasons. Leucoderma is the substitute name of Vitiligo and Asians are familiar with the skin disease on this name. The name is derived from its meaning- Leuco “white” and derma “skin”. It is a condition in which white patches occur in different parts of the body where there is lack of melanin pigment. Vitiligo is commonly found in 1.5% of the world population.

What are the major factors that cause Vitiligo?

Till now no one was able to give exact reason for leucoderma, but anticipates that the disturbance of immune system is the major culprit. Genetic and immunological imbalances are attributed for immune annoyance. The cause of disease is based on two theories.

  • First theory states that the immune system by mistake selects pigment cells melanin as foreign bodies and destroys it.
  • Second theory states that certain chemical cells false to work properly leading to lack of pigment cell or melanin formation.

Whether leucoderma is hereditary?

Yes, Leucoderma is a hereditary diseases and it can pass from generation to generation.

What are the common symptoms of Vitiligo?

Some of the common symptoms of Vitiligo are white patches on the skin with darker outline, irregular appearance of white spots, gradual increase in size and milky white appearance under ultra violet rays.

Treatment offered by Sanjivani?

In Sanjivani patients will be given different herbal combinations that act on the root cause of the disease. The treatment result will be a smooth, spotless and soft skin.

By giving a combination of oral medicines and herbal ointments a strong change can be noticed within weeks. The herbal medicines and special lotions act on the affected part and initiates re-pigmentation over the white patches. We adopt a three-tier healing pattern for treating this particular skin disease.

In the primary stage of the treatment the herbal medication applied on the infected part begins to appear like small brownish spots over the visible white patches. As time passes the brown spots start spreading over the white patches and the abnormal whitish colour slowly fades away. The edges of the white patches become darker and constrict the patch area in the second healing stage. It is at this stage the skin start to regain its normal colour. In the final healing stage the patches become pinkish or reddish in colour and slowly get back to the original skin colour. The Ayurvedic healing pattern varies depending on the extent of the skin disease and the skin colour of the patient. But the ultimate result is guaranteed.

We provide consultation and support to Leucoderma sufferers personally and online. Our qualified and experienced physicians can assist in bringing back the glowing and youthful skin.

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