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Kidney Disorder- An Overview

Kidneys are the bean-shaped filter organ in the body. These work substantially to strain out toxins, wastes and excessive fluids from the body in the form of urine. Having kidney disorder states that your kidneys are not working properly and needs immediate medical attention or further it may result into complete kidney failure (Renal failure).

What are the various common Kidney Disorders?

Below are some very commonly found kidney diseases:

Kidney Stones

When the wastes from body fluids get accumulated in the kidney they grow and combine together to develop into hard, rock-like and crystalline kidney stones. It can be as small as a grain of sand and as large as a golf ball. Generally, these are formed due to lack of fluids, not enough to dilute wastes accumulated. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity are known to increase the risk of kidney stones.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Kidney infection, medically termed as pyelonephritis, is a type of urinary tract infection which is caused by bacteria. In this condition bacteria can severely affect the kidneys if not treated properly and in time. This may also lead to complete kidney failure. The notable symptoms are to experience micturition, burning sensation while urinating, abdominal pain etc.


The condition when the nephrons of kidney get inflamed due to various reasons such as infections, autoimmune disorder, certain medications, pulmonary renal syndrome etc and stop working efficiently is known as Nephritis. This decline in functioning prevents kidneys to filter blood properly and leads to different health complications.

Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome can be referred as a medical condition wherein due to damage of blood vessels, kidney is not able to filter wastes efficiently and results into excessive excretion of protein in the urine. Infections, blood clots, renal failure and damage to kidneys are other related health problems.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

PKD is an autoimmune disorder where the cysts are formed inside the kidney. Cysts are fluid filled sac like structure ranging from small to large size. These can bring acute damage to the kidneys causing impairment and kidney failure eventually.

Renal Failure

Renal or kidney failure is a medical condition wherein the kidneys become inactive completely (or are functional less than fifteen percent) and fails to filter the waste of excessive water and toxins out of the body. The condition arises when the kidney does not get enough blood to filter, blockage by kidney stone or due to any health complication of high blood pressure, diabetes, infection, cysts etc.

Best ayurvedic treatment for Kidney Disorders

Ayurveda is a comprehensive and ultimate treatment for various kidney related problems. The advantage of getting herbal treatment is that it cures the underlying cause from roots and provides permanent relief without any adverse effect. The powerful and potent herbs used for the treatment are of great quality and value. These herbs in combination are really effective to heal the damage and reverse the harm and to make kidneys healthy and functional naturally.

The aim of ayurvedic supplement from Sanjivani Ayurvedashram is to render best therapeutic treatment and nourishment towards rejuvenation of kidneys. It also improves immunity, prevents further deterioration, removes kidney stones and alleviates infections. This combination of pure and authentic herbal plants and oils gives a new life to kidneys.

Golden rules to keep kidneys healthy and to prevent kidney disorders:

  • Keep yourself fit and active:
    Regular exercise (cycling, swimming, aerobics etc) and being active reduces the risk of kidney disorder as it keeps a check on high blood pressure, cholesterol, excessive fat and helps in functioning of kidneys.
  • Monitor blood pressure and blood sugar:
    It is very important keep in control your blood pressure and sugar level to let the kidneys work properly. More than half of people suffering with diabetes complain of kidney malfunction and damage.
  • Eat wholesome and maintain a healthy weight:
    These are notable points to follow in order to prevent diabetes, hypertension, kidney disorder and heart problems. It is recommended to reduce the intake of salt and sugar. Avoid consuming processed and canned food products. Munch on leafy veggies, fruits and nuts.
  • Avoid taking over-the-counter pills regularly:
    Common allopathic medications or over-the-counter medicines if taken regularly may cause damage to kidneys and hamper their functioning. It is recommended to use herbal and ayurvedic medicines for any health related problems to get healed naturally and avoid dangerous risks and adverse effects.
  • Get frequent checkups if you have any major disease:
    It is advised to get frequent overall health and kidney checkups if you have any major disorder of diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, AIDS or genetic problem of kidney etc to acknowledge high risk of kidney problems and to start the treatment as soon as possible.

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