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Importance of Ayurveda

Ayurveda has its origins in India from over 5000 years. It is a branch of medicine which lived through centuries and is still as popular as in the past. Although it originated in ancient times, it’s a very advanced form of medicine which has more relevance and application in the modern times then in the earlier days. The use of Ayurveda has provided us a holistic approach to our daily routine. The practice of Ayurvedic daily schedule helps one to live in tranquility with peace and harmony in life. These very simple guidelines prescribed by Ayurveda help a great deal in enhancing the complete life of a human being, this includes his mental as well as physical health conditions.

In the so called Modern age where our lifestyles are so advanced and almost for every work we have a technological backup to make things easier for ourselves. On the contrary as we made few things easier for ourselves, our lives started becoming more complex and competitive. We are more stressed out these days then in earlier days. The expectations levels have increased in all spheres of life. We have become more independent, there are clashes of thoughts, behavioral patterns, and these overall stresses result in breakups in families as each doesn’t have time for the other.

These new challenges of the 21st century have given rise to several diseases caused by stress, like anger, aggressiveness and even early aging. More and more people are getting self centered which is leading to isolation and increase in stress and distress or threatening each other’s existence. According to Ayurveda, ones daily routine must have at least seven to eight hours of sleep. It is said that consuming warm water right after waking up in the morning helps flushing off toxins accumulated in the body during the night. Even morning walks are encouraged as the early morning walks are good exercise and the fresh air will keep your mind and body fresh throughout the day. In Ayurveda, simple guidelines have been mentioned concerning personal hygiene too, like regularly brushing your teeth as well as tongue. This practice will keep your mouth fresh and removes all bad odor, teeth must be cleaned after every meal to remove all food particles stuck in our teeth, having a daily bath, body massage, wearing clean clothes, having good amount of water intake, all these practices along with regular exercises are essential.

While practicing all the above mentioned simple and easy way of living one must not forget to change his eating patterns too, as what we eat reflect on our body, so one must eat healthy meals. If one can practice Ayurveda guidelines in his life he can be sure of living a clean and stress free life.

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