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Hair Problems- An Overview

Healthy, strong and shiny hairs are the vital asset of human being. These not only add to the overall personality but also boost self esteem and confidence. Hairs help to keep us warm and protect sensitive areas such as eyes and nose. The thickness, curl, volume and colour of hairs depend upon genetic factors. However, other various external and internal factors may affect the natural health of hairs causing different hair problems such as loss of hairs, dandruff, grey hairs, lice etc. With effective use of ayurvedic treatment and medication anyone can get rid of any type of hair problem naturally.

What are some common hair problems?

Some of the very common hair problems are as follows:

Hair Fall/Hair Loss:

Hair loss is one of the commonest hair problems among men and women both which can happen at any age and tend to fall in a pattern. Stress, consumption of certain medications, climatic conditions, hormonal changes, infections, unhygienic conditions etc can be the major reasons for hair fall. Other factors such as damage caused by use of harsh chemical based hair products, hair styling and excessive use of dryers or blowers may also result into hair loss. Women also tend to lose hairs during pregnancy or childbirth. However, it is found quite common to lose 100 hairs everyday which is not a matter to worry about.

Dandruff/Flaky Scalp:

Dandruff or white flakes is another very common hair problem affecting both men and women in its own way. This is the result of dry and rough scalp where dead skin tissues get accumulated and later once you comb your hair it settles down on eyebrows, shoulders and clothes. Various factors such as poor diet, weak metabolism, dry scalp, changes in climatic conditions etc are responsible for occurrence of dandruff. Oiling your hair and scalp with essential oils at short intervals can keep the problem away as it provides ample moisturization and nourishment.

Premature Grey Hairs:

Generally, grey hairs are associated with ageing, as a person grows older the hair tends to lose their pigmentation and turns grey by time. But nowadays, due to the ill-effects of harsh chemical based hair products, pollution and smoking, younger people are also often losing natural colour of hairs which is known as premature greying of hairs. Unhealthy diet and hormonal changes are other causing factors.

Greasy or Dry Hairs:

Greasy hairs look dull, lifeless and are unmanageable generally. In certain conditions when sebaceous glands tend to produce excessive sebum on the scalp the hairs become greasy. Shampooing every alternate day can control the condition but can also lead to dry and frizzy hairs therefore, it is recommended to use herbal shampoo which is devoid of harmful chemicals and mildly removes the dirt and sebum. On the other hand massaging hairs with hot herbal oil controls secretion of sebum, keeps the vital nutrients intact and makes your hair healthy, shiny and lively.

Split Ends:

Split ends are another hair health issue commonly found in women. Hairs get split end when the protective outermost layer of hair gets damaged and its tip peels back into two or three splits. Excessive use of hair products which are chemical based and harsh, exposure to sun and dry air, frequent use of heated curling rods or straighter, over-brushing etc may reduce moisture from hairs making them dry and frizzy which ultimately results into split ends. In order to get rid of this hair problem ayurveda offers range of herbal medications and treatment to repair damage and brittle tresses and make them healthy, smooth and hydrated.

What is the best ayurvedic medicine and treatment for hair problems?

Hair problems can be very frustrating and embarrassing as you need to keep a check on your hairs every time. Acute cases of hair problems must be treated with 100 percent natural and effective ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda is a blessing to humankind which holds all the goodness required to improve and maintain health of your hair in the best natural way. Sanjivani Ayurvedashram after several years of research has brought you the magical and ultimate blend of medicinal herbs known from ages to keep hairs in a good health. Therapeutic properties of various conventional herbs such as aloe vera, amla, bhringraj, neem, methi, henna, shikakai, reetha, brahmi, ashwagandha, turmeric, manjistha, triphala, guduchi etc strengthens and nourishes roots, helps to reduces hair fall, removes dandruff, treats greasy, dry and frizzy hair and helps to recover from severe damage of years.

The prescribed use of this herbal treatment cures other multiple hair problems of lice, scalp infections, pattern baldness, discoloration, thinning and decreased hair growth also and helps certainly to make your dream come true of having long, shining, smooth, strong, healthy and beautiful hairs.

Tips for various hair problems:

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