What is The Natural Nightfall Treatment and How it Works? -

What is The Natural Nightfall Treatment and How it Works?

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What is The Natural Nightfall Treatment and How it Works?

What is Nightfall?

Nightfall or nocturnal emission is determined as involuntary or unknowing ejaculation while sleeping at night or early in the morning. At the age of puberty and occasionally in adulthood men start experiencing arousal from erotic dreams leading to ejaculation at night, which is referred to as nightfall or wet dreams as you see you should cure it with  Natural nightfall treatment.

Wet dreams or Swapnadosh, as mentioned in Ayurveda is a natural phenomenon that is considered quite normal. However, prolonged and frequent occurrence of nightfall may lead to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, and insomnia.

Therefore, one must seek for guidance and herbal treatment from expert sexologist to overcome it safely and naturally.

 What are the symptoms of nightfall?

The common symptoms of nightfall or wet dreams are as below:

  • Weakness, tiredness, and exhaustion
  • Burning sensation during or after urination
  • Early ejaculation
  • Drooling of semen
  • Sleeplessness or vivid dreams
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Cramps in leg or back

What are the causes of nightfall?

There are many causes of this disorder. They are as follows:

  • One of the most common causes of this problem is erotic dreams during sleep. Due to this, an erection occurs and finally, nightfall occurs.
  • Excessive masturbation may result in semen leakage. Thus masturbation should not be done in excess.
  • Sexual weakness or weak reproductive system.
  • Many medicines used for depression and other mental issues may cause this problem of Nightfall or Wet Dreams
  • Excessive use of alcohol and drugs. Consuming too much alcohol or drugs or smoking excessively is a major cause of Nightfall in males.
  • Anxiety, stress, and psychological problems
  • Other common causes include hormonal imbalance, physical inactivity, obesity, long sitting hours, and diseases such as diabetes.

Ayurveda for Nightfall: Best and Natural Nightfall Treatment

Ayurvedic natural nightfall treatment comprises of the effective time- tested and valuable herbs and minerals that keep nocturnal emissions at bay.

The balanced amount of natural aphrodisiacs and herbs in these herbal supplements are blended in perfect proportions that make them very efficient in treating nightfall and other associated disorders.

How The Natural Nightfall Treatment Works?

The potent herbs such as Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Safed Musli, Kesar, Badam, Shatavari, Gokshur, Jaiphal, Talmakhana soothes anxiety, stress, and other psychological problems in men and promote deep and undisturbed good night sleep. Blood flow towards the male genital area is also enhanced that tremendously improves the erection strength and quality.

The duration of lovemaking becomes prolonged and testosterone secretion is boosted up that makes nightfall a thing of the past by continuous use of ayurvedic treatment.

The natural nightfall treatment is safe for men of all ages and is 100% all-natural in composition. It serves as the best nightfall treatment that is very versatile in nature and is able to cure premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, semen leakage, low sperm count, spermatorrhea, infertility and rest other male reproductive disorders as well and that too without any side-effects.

 How to Get Rid of Nightfall?

Here are a few things that you can try to limit the issue of the wet dream:

  • 30 minutes of Yoga and exercise on daily basis are effective ways to regain control of one’s body, mind, and soul.
  • Avoid consumption of liquid for at least 2 hours before going to sleep
  • Avoid watching sexually explicit content as this could lead to wet dreams
  • Meditate, read books or listen to soothing music to relax your mind and get a sound sleep
  • Stop thinking about nightfall while sleeping because this could increase the chances of its occurrence
  • Wake up early in the morning and drink 2 glass of light warm water for easy bowel movement as constipation or an upset digestive system may also sometimes cause wet dreams
  • Not only avoid heavy dinner but also avoid spicy and junk food
  • Wash your hands and legs with cold water before going to bed
  • Kegel exercise is also beneficial in controlling Nightfall.

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