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What are the most common skin diseases?

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What are the most common skin diseases?

Skin Diseases Ayurvedic Treatment: Sanjivani Ayurvedashram


Skin problems are pretty common in today’s world and come under the category of dermal problems under modern medicine theory or medical science. Ayurveda has a vast study and research on the human skin and the issues that may arise about it at different age groups depending on the various reasons of the respective individual. Ayurveda considers skin as not a single entity but the layered one. The skin has seven layers according to Ayurveda. Thus the way Ayurveda looks at curing these ailments is not just peripherally but to the deeper inner levels. The creams or basic easy appearing solutions might give temporary solutions but not remove the problem from its root. Ayurvedic remedies though taking time use processes that would remove the cause right from it’s origin and hence is a permanent solution. Skin Diseases Ayurvedic Treatment in Ghaziabad Noida Delhi Mumbai 

Acne, Psoriasis, eczema, and Urticaria Ayurvedic Treatment Aare the most common skin diseases that we see around in humans. According to Ayurveda the mains reason for this is the increase in doshas of Vata and pita. Thus the basic scheme of things based on which the treatment is carried out is trying to work on remedial solutions that would the doshas of pitta and Vata in the body.

Acne or pimples as they are called in common language is a very known and common skin condition. This mostly affects teenagers who have recently hit puberty. The reaching of puberty brings about certain changes in the body due to which there exists sebum and oil secreting glands. The blocking of oils on the skin along with the dirt and bacteria in the air cause an inflammation and infection on the skin resulting into boils on the skin. These are called pimples. Due to the age in which this happens that is around puberty, the people are extremely conscious of their looks and hence can be morally depressing. The reason for pimples can be mostly lack of having a healthy diet. Eating outside food especially fried and oily food results in an increase the pimple skin infection. Apart from this hereditary factors, lack of healthy sleeping habits, irregularity in it, stress are also the reasons due to which it may intensify. Less water intake, increased consumption of alcohol and tobacco are also the reasons due to which it may increase.

Caffeine and use of steroids are also the reasons for the same. Ayurveda finds remedies through very basic solutions. The first one would be proper fluid intake. Having water at regular times and improving the lifestyle of eating healthy is the first most primitive solutions towards working on pimples. Steaming the face is also an effective solution that removes the oily pores in the skin and gets ride of the excessive oil stuck in the skin. Although this solution should not be used in the inflammation period of the pimples. Medicated vomiting which helps take toxins out of the body is also one of the remedies which ayurveda uses. Induced vomiting wherein you purposely vomit with the intake of excess water also called jaladhauti helps in clearing the skin and keeping it rid of infections. Skin conditions are directly related to the circulation of blood. Removing the stagnant blood is a great way to work on the skin related problems. Leech treatment is used in this scenario where purification of blood takes place and hence the skin is cleared thus reducing pimples. Also dietary changes in terms of increased haemoglobin content and vitamin A products like carrots help in a glowing and healthy skin.

Psoriasis is a non-infectious disease of the skin where there emerge red patches over the skin with silver scales. It is caused due to the proliferation of the skin. An increased division in the layers of the skin is also a reason for the same. The age group that suffers from this 20 to 45 yeas of age and dryness of the skin is a typical characteristic of psoriasis. When the immune system of the body over reacts it causes this disease. It is an abnormality in which the skin grows and takes it’s own position when not needed thus causing red plaques all over the body. Hereditary reasons are primary for psoriasis to happen. Apart from this excessive sunlight, emotional stress and climate changes are also factors that affect the reasons causing psoriasis to happen. Joint swelling and pain is a common symptom of psoriasis. Red plaques on the corners of the body especially where sweat accumulates like the inner elbows, thighs, palms,scalp and feet are the regions where these happen more. Thickened nails is also a common symptom of psoriasis. Ayurveda looks at the increased dosha and based on the type of it prescribes a certain kind of medicated ghee for a week or so. Detoxifying the body by induced vomiting again to get the body rid of toxins is an important tool for psoriasis as well. Medicated dripping of buttermilk on the forehead is also a solution for the same. Applying paste on the entire body or the regions where the plaques are there is an important solution which uses medicinal herbs having great quality and zero side effects. One can find them on Sanjivani Ayurvedashram. Medicated enemas is also a possible solution which is done for 8 days or so and helps in treating the problem of psoriasis.

Eczema Ayurvedic  Treatment is another common skin disease in younger people. In the adult population it is only abot 3 percent. Eczema is a typical skin sickness around the world. The accurate reason is yet unknown. Yet, over response of resistant framework to aggravations is considered to cause the indications. It is characterized as a shallow fiery skin infection gave redness, tingling, and might be with vesicles. Basic sort is atopic skin inflammation. Pervasiveness is around 10% in newborn children and 3% in grown-up population. Genetic and natural variables assume a vital part in the reason for the illness. Pesticides and additives of the food, contradictory food mixes, natural contamination causes disappointment of body instrument of detoxification. Poisons accordingly amassed in the framework communicate as dermatitis. Stress isn’t a reason, yet an irritating element. In the event that any relative has a background marked by hypersensitivities or asthma, at that point there is an expanded possibility for dermatitis. Serious tingling and scratching with nail and so forth can cause injury and can bring about bacterial contamination. Vicharchika clarified by Ayurveda is a tantamount clinical condition to dermatitis.


Inherited variables, Freezing and hot conditions or climatic change

Upper respiratory parcel contaminations

Signs and indications

In babies (under 2 years) – Extreme tingling and rashes on scalp and cheeks

In kids (from 2 years to adolescence) – Rashes behind wrinkles of elbow or knees, neck, wrist and lower legs. Rashes may become help or obscure in shading and it might get thickened.

In grown-ups – Rashes show up in the wrinkles of elbows, knees. The skin turns out to be forever irritated, flaky and dry.

Early manifestations

Need or diminished perspiring, Unpleasant skin also Staining and tingling. Deadness and weakness is also a major sign. Signs and Symptoms of it are Tingling Rankles Blackish staining Overflowing Agony Dryness Redness Ulceration Treatment convention. Since this is an ongoing infection, detoxification techniques are needed to eliminate the underlying driver. In this manner, oral meds for detoxification or purging are important at the outset. In the following stage prescriptions for outer application are utilized. In the last phase of the treatment Rasayanas or rejuvenates will be given to sustain the skin. Oral prescriptions include Snehana. In the wake of breaking down Dosha power, sedated ghee or sesame oil is regulated orally. This is accomplished for constant seven days.

Perspiring:-  Gentle perspiring is completed three days after oleation or snehana method. Since this is a constant skin infection, Ayurvedic works of art demands that lone gentle perspiring should be applied in this condition.

Vamana:-  On the off chance that the patient present Kapha prevalent side effects, for example, cool, expanding, overflowing and tingling, Vamana or cured regurgitating is helpful.

Mridu virechana:-  As a rule Eridu virechana or sedated intestinal medicines are given. This technique is explicitly valuable in Pitha dominating conditions, where consuming sensation, fever; fractiousness, puss arrangement and so on are prevalent.
Blood decontamination

On the off chance that signs and indications are not alleviated by the above methodology, the phlebotomy by leeches or different devices and strategies are utilized. Rasayana for rejuvenation of skin Subsequent to achieving detoxification of the framework skin which is harmed by this persistent illness merit rejuvenation. Traditionally referenced rasayana or sustaining drugs are utilized here.
All outer drugs are applied simply after legitimate detoxification methodology and help of the signs and indications by interior prescriptions. Lepa (Herbal Paste) is also used.Glue made of home grown powder reasonable for the patient is applied over-influenced territory. Parisheka ( Cleaning with home grown decoction) Here reasonable natural decoctions are poured consistently for determining time. Udvarthana ( Rubbing with home grown powder) .On account of unpleasant and toughness (lichenified) scouring with appropriate natural powder is viable. Avagaha ( Dipping in home grown decoction) Sitting in large vessel loaded up with natural decoction for determined time is helpful where enormous zones of body are influenced.  Dhupana (Medicated fumigation) . Fumigation with appropriate spices is helpful in Vatha and Kapha transcendent conditions.

Do:- Steaming shower Lotion, gentle cleanser Cotton textures Effectively absorbable food. Unpleasant vegetables Green gram

Don’ts:- Tight-fitting garments Substantial to process food Dairy items Sharp food Fish Jaggery Dark gram Hot and seared food. Overabundance salt admission

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