Vaginal Tightening Ayurvedic Treatment by Sanjivani Ayurvedashram

Vaginal Tightening Ayurvedic Treatment by Sanjivani Ayurvedashram

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Vaginal Tightening Ayurvedic Treatment by Sanjivani Ayurvedashram

Vaginal Tightening Ayurvedic Treatment

The vagina is the female organ that comprises of several pelvic muscles and nerve endings which make it an important part of the female body. Hence loosening of the vagina is a grave problem with many adverse physiological and psychological problems associated with it. It is when there are certain body changes due to which the organs are no longer the way they were at one point of time. The primary reason for the loosening of vagina is pregnancy. When a female delivers the baby, the vagina is stretched to an extraordinary extent which makes it difficult to come back to original shape. Every one out of 4 women seem to identify with the problem of loosening of vagina. Apart from pregnancy the other reasons are old age, menopause and injury to the pelvic muscles. Having physical activity is not the reason for loosening of vagina since vagina is comprised of stretchable elastic muscles which retain their shape after some time. Vaginal Tightening Ayurvedic Treatment.


Physiological problems relating to loosening of vagina is lack of able to hold the urine since the pelvic muscles in the region are no longer strong enough and hence leaking of the urine along with discharge and smell is a common symptom. The main issue though is lack of good sexual activity and orgasm since the friction is reduced to a great extent due to the loosening of the muscles. This especially happening closer to mid-life or post-pregnancy in common cases also results in lot of psychological problems with the couple involved. Let us take a closer look at the causes and what exactly happens due to them.

The main reason as told before is the pregnancy, What happens during labour or delayed labour as well, while the birth of the child happens the muscles of the vagina are stretched the a great extent. Even though vagina is an elastic organ in itself but the amount of stretching that it undergoes during childbirth, it is almost impossible to retain back the original shape. Thus the problem of loosening of the vagina is so common especially in women who have recently delivered a child. Similarly, another important cause is age. Just like we see wrinkles on the skin or the way it loosens as our age keeps on increasing, something similar happens with the pelvic muscles which are responsible for urine retention. This increasing of age or reaching menopause thus leads to different bodily changes. Apart from skin wrinkles or saggy breasts loosening of the vagina is also a common symptom. Lastly injury to pelvic muscles due to some accident can also cause deformities in the same. A common misconception is the presence of sexual activity but that is not true since vagina is an elastic organ and has the ability to retain the original shape after few moments. 

The reason why loosening of vagina is such a big issue is because it affects good physical activity and thus a healthy physical and mental state. There is already a lot of stigma attached to these in the society and hence any and every problem related to these are bound to hamper your psychological health as well along with the physical displeasure. In under the physical problems is lack of achieving on orgasm or not having an active and healthy life in those aspects.  Urine incontinence is also an issue since your pelvic muscles play a big role in achieving that aspect. Also along with this the vagina emits a considerable amount of smell.

Since there are solutions available to deal with this thus a bigger problems would be the psychological impact because of this. The feeling of not being enough is one of the main reasons towards depression in such cases. Besides lack of communication on such topics with the more experienced members or even between the couples sometimes leads to not only an obstruction in overcoming the problems but also a strained relation in between the couple. Thus the first remedy would be to come out of that shell. Consider seeing a doctor and being open about the problems with the family. Removing the associated stigma is the first step towards approaching this problem from a healthy mental way. Once this is done the rest can be followed with a much more positive approach and desired optimism which will not only help cure the problem but also in a much faster and efficient manner.

Ayurveda uses several methods which are excellent and helpful in tightening a loose vagina. One can find them on These include various herbal and essential oils towards enriching the consistency and strength of the pelvic muscles which are instrumental in tightening them. There are also several other surgical remedies available but the natural ones are always preferred since they are from the roots and hence often do not have drawbacks or side effects in the later half. Surgically it is possible to tighten the vagina. Also now a days laser treatment is used which is not surgical but then requires three to four sitting for desired results. But in most of the scenarios where complications are not too much the restoration can be done with home remedies and natural ways which are not painful and also cost effective which can be a main concern in many people who lack the financial stability or strength to allocate money for this purpose.

One of the prime remedies the kegal exercises. These are special type of exercises just for the pelvic muscles. Pelvic muscles are basically the muscles which are used in stopping the urine while peeing. Do the same action and stop it for few seconds. If you repeat the same exercise several times a day then that results in increased motion and flexibility the those muscles. This can result in their strengthening and increased satisfaction. Kegel exercises are often prescribed to women after pregnancy for this very reason. Also keeping the muscles moving is a great way keep them strong and healthy to be able to support the bladder urethra and uterus along with just being a remedy towards loosening of vagina. Apart from this sports are an excellent way not just for this but overall towards a fitter lifestyle. Especially swimming, jogging or playing tennis uses muscles and stretches them including the pelvic muscles involved in the various movements that compromise the sport. Joining a gym is also an excellent option which uses the same philosophy of increasing the strength of pelvic muscles.

One can also boil amla and then crush it in water. If you apply this solution over your organ everyday then you can find the desired results in no times. Similar thing can be done with gooseberries. Applying gooseberry gel or water helps the tightening the pelvic muscles. The safest and the most secure way is yogasanas. The asanas especially some are designed in order to keep a check on the pelvic muscles. Taking a deep breath and releasing a sigh after few seconds increases the activity and contraction relaxation of the pelvic muscles resulting in greater flexibility thus better core strength. You can also use potash alum and leave it for the night. Filter it the next morning and wash. Triphala powder and other such herbal products which you can find on can also be used. Vagina tightening creams are also available which is a paste that you apply as prescribed in order to achieve the desired results.

Apart from this it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. Eating home food and exercising daily helps in keeping a check on the problems and increases the chances that the remedies can be more effective. Junk food increases the amount of unnecessary gloom and wanting a lack of exercise. The lesser you move and especially sedentary life style can be the biggest obstacles that you create for yourself. These can be the hurdles in your own way and hence it is better to take these basic precautions beforehand so that the prescriptions or medicines that you are taking bear fruit. Lastly do consult a doctor since that will help you reach to a possible solution based on your body type and case history which becomes important in such matters. Having an allergic reaction to something or excessive body heat due to some home remedies are very natural and common side effects which you can easily avoid if you consult a doctor beforehand. Last but not the least, accept that this is a very natural problem to have and do not take it as something that you are lacking. Always remember that a positive and hopeful approach and an enthusiasm to overcome it or work on it goes a long way into not just keeping you mentally healthy and the people around you happy but also helps smoothen the process by making the remedies that you are implementing much effective just because you are in a sound state of mind physically, psychologically, emotionally and also mentally making it a much better place it is in. Get Ayurvedic Treatment For Vaginal Tightening from  Sanjivani Ayurvedashram

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