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What Are The Painless Piles Treatments?

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What Are The Painless Piles Treatments?

Piles or haemorrhoid is a common health issue characterized by pain in the inflamed veins of rectum and anus. Many people have hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. Over 30% of the population, may experience this condition. The embarrassment factor runs deep here, as people often shy away from talking about the condition publically. The prevalence of hemorrhoids is equal between men and women but men are more likely to seek treatment.

Causes of Hemorrhoids or Piles

Sitting for long periods of time. Increased straining during bowel movements caused by Hypertension. Obesity, as it can increase rectal vein. Poor muscle tone or poor. Pregnancy. Cigarette smoking.

Best Ayurvedic Painless Piles Treatment

When it comes to choosing any piles treatment, there are lots of options available. Some are surgical options and some are non surgical. However, Ayurveda is the most reliable and successful treatment method for piles in India.

It offers the most effective non-surgical and painless piles treatment naturally. If you want a natural, easy, effective and safe piles treatment, then Ayurveda is the best option for you. The ayurvedic treatment is a result of extensive research. It is developed with special ayurveda formula which consists of bunch of natural herbs which makes it highly potent for piles treatment. It gives great results and relief in all types of bleeding and non-bleeding piles.

It has pain killing properties naturally. The itching or burning effect vanishes from the very first dose. Active key ingredients such as neem, haritaki, amla, bakain, haldi, jimikand optimize digestive fire, prevent constipation, provide relief from itching and burning, heal piles lumps and stops the problem to recur. The natural analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti fungal properties of these herbs effectively help in reducing swelling and pain as well.

The combination of the goodness and benefits of ayurvedic herbs with latest technology and procedures makes it 100% effective. From the use of the very first day, one can see the difference and get relief from lumps, pain and burning. It works on the roots that are responsible for hemorrhoids.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Piles Treatment

• Works on the root causes of Piles. Cures permanently without any surgery.

• Improves digestion

• Evades constipation, one of the main reasons for hemorrhoids.

• Stops bleeding, swelling and itching quickly

• Reduces pain, burning and uneasiness

• Helps reducing pile mass

• 100% natural, no side effects

• Heals and shrinks the piles/hemorrhoids

• Long lasting effect

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

• Strict diet control is as important as medicine, in this disease. There are certain foods which should not be taken such as Chillies, spicy food, fried food, junk food should not be consumed. Alcohol, tea and coffee should also be avoided in piles.

•Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits which are good sources of fibre, and drink lots of water. These are helpful in making stool soft which will easily pass and eventually helpful in curing.

•Also opt for an active lifestyle. Do some light exercises like walking, swimming etc. Avoid heavy weight lifting and training if suffering from hemorrhoids.

•Avoid sitting on a hard surface or on toilet sea for long hours as it may introduces extra pressure and restrict blood flow.

•Lose weight, if you are overweight.

•Chew your food properly which enables digestion.

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