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Best Erectile Dysfunction Ayurvedic Treatment

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Erectile dysfunction is an intimacy related problem in males where the penis in males is unable to get erect thus allowing regular sexual intercourse. This can be a great deal of embarrassment and also hamper you psychologically if not given proper treatment at the right time.Physiological and psychological are the two categories in which the reasons for erectile dysfunction can be divided into.The problem of erectile dysfunction along with many other problems are considered to be a reason of extreme stress and or also lack of a healthy lifestyle. Sedentary work, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking can be the reasons for erectile dysfunction. These all come under the physiological reasons of the problem. Now a days mental and psychological problems are also considered to be one of the foremost reasons for these problems. These can include everything from lack of desire to not being confident enough or just having an imbalance of hormonal levels along with inability to be emotionally satisfied which result into the effects of the same being shown on the body as well.

These problems find a temporary solution if treated with Erectile Dysfunction Ayurvedic Treatment . Thus Ayurveda looks at these problems as something that arise from both the mind and the body rather than just body. Hence it would be inappropriate to just push in chemicals into the body to achieve the desired results because they wont be for the long term part of the process. Also along with this, the side effects which the chemicals can have on the body are adverse. This can range from kidney problems to heart problems later on in life. 

Role Of Ayurveda Erectile Dysfunction Ayurvedic Treatment

The primary essence of Ayurveda is to identify the doshas. Every problem in the human body is a result of certain imbalance and increased proportion of the doshas. Thus Ayurveda uses very simple and natural techniques to counter the problem of erectile dysfunction and that too quite fast. A well equipped and sound body is essential for good activity of this type. This does not mean just physically but also mentally. Infact one can also say that your mental state plays a more important role. Thus yoga asanas are the first things ayurveda would recommend to start of the process towards a good want and desire. Various asanas right from surya namaskar which is basic eight limb exercise to specific ones are dedicated for this purpose. Paschimottanasana. Kumbhakasana.Naukasana and Dhanurasana where you make the body like a bow are some of the specific asanas which can help in boosting your performance and providing increased stamina. Exercises of the pelvic muscles and back front thighs which induce stress on leg muscles prove to be of great help in increasing the fitness of the body which is greatly required. Apart from yoga asanas other fitness regimes can also be followed. These include aerobic exercises. Anything right from regular swimming and cycling as well as playing sports keep your body fit and sound. These recreational activities also keep you occupied and are a great stress buster from the otherwise monotonous and mundane life which can cause mental problems or depression. Thus it kills several birds with one stone. Along with this doing squats for legs and crunches for lower abdomen muscles strengthening can increase your vigour. Zumba is another such practice which is in trend recently. It involves certain pelvic muscle involvement and rhythmic dancing which can help in fitness. In fact dancing of any kind is extremely important in keeping you fresh and fit for good sexual activity. Gymnastics is another such option one can try for right from younger ages since prevention is better than cure. It can help keep your body flexible and fit early one and can help one later in life to keep the body disease free.


One also needs to understand that erection of penis is caused due to the blood flow or blood rush in it. Thus a good blood flow and circulation are of paramount importance in human body. Thus Ayurveda prescribes you to eat healthy and eat food that are rich in haemoglobin content like curry leaves. What these do is increase the red blood cells in the blood. Healthy blood always keeps the body healthy. And when one does the yoga asanas or the exercises, it helps in circulating the blood throughout the body in a much more efficient way. Once you follow the exercise pattern told, then Ayurveda comes to its specific roots. Many medicinal herbs which you can find on are listed on their site along with descriptions which can help boost your performance. Essential oils are another important factor in Ayurveda. Massaging techniques like Shirodhara with these specific oils can help regulate the blood flow to vital organs including the ones that are essential to the problem that you are dealing with. Massaging is an under rated technique and has uses more than one in the way it helps the human body. Massage not only improves blood circulation but also helps release stress and fatigue. Certain points in the body which are recognised as pressure pints by accu pucnture and acupressure if massaged with ayurvedic herbal oils and eliminate the body of toxins and stress overall.Once feels fresh and rejuvenated which can go a long way in increasing the performance. At Sanjivani Ayurvedashram you can find many such stamina boosting oils along with their uses. Organic and natural ways are always preferred in such situation because they help the best and also do not have side effects. These solutions tackle the problem from the root and hence go a long way in maintaining the results rather than just simply achieving them. 


Another important aspect which Ayurveda recognizes is mental well being. These problems have a lot to do with how you are doing psychologically and emotionally. As mentioned earlier problems like these are taboo in society meaning which one cannot freely converse about it. What this does is affect you psychologically. The embarrassment factor can take a toll on your body and make the situation much worse than it was. Thus it is important to keep this in mind. You have to find someone with whom you can communicate about the problems. Being open about it and accepting it with a zeal of wanting to overcome it is the first step towards following any erectile dysfunction ayurvedic treatment. Thus talk to someone, don’t feel shy or small because you have a problem rather take constructive steps towards the same and you will be out of it and successful in no time. Seeking professional help on this front can also be greatly helpful. Things like these to be shared are often easier said than done. One cant speaks about it either through guilt and embarrassment or to preserve personal relationships with the fear of getting judged. Thus in such a situation rather than letting that suffocation consume you, it is better to seek professional help or therapy. This will help your mental well being. But like said earlier these coupled with a healthy exercise and the massaging techniques routine will help you achieve the results in the fastest possible manner.


Coming to the final and most important point according to Ayurveda is the food you eat. The food we eat and the nature of the food that is often becoming the reason for the increase in the doshas in our body. Thus it is important to take a look at what one has to eat which can give you increased endurance and performance. It is advised to enhance potassium in your body thus food and fruits like papaya and watermelon need to be eaten to meet that requirement. Increased fiber content is extremely essential thus you cant eat whole wheat or oats and eat lots of vegetables that are rich in fiber. Fish is also another important food if you eat meat. It has omega 3 fatty acids which can increase performance. Milk nuts and cheese to increase the protein levels and also help in zinc requirements. Onion and garlic can also help in increasing the blood flow. Bitter chocolates that don’t have added sugars and dry fruits provide you with essential fatty oils which are helpful for the body and do not increase your cholesterol levels.

Lastly, these are all the important factors that will help you increase testosterone levels which is the essential hormone for this activity. One has to be careful though that while doing these things there are certain habits that you should avoid for the above-mentioned solutions to provide fast and effective results. A balanced diet is one such factor but scheduled sleep is equally important. Avoid irregular sleep patterns. Sleep on time and get at least 8 hours of healthy sleep. Do not drink more and smoke because they increase the toxin levels which we are trying to get rid of from the body, it will increase doshas. Finally meditate as much as possible because having a sound mind greatly influences the body and how it functions. Try Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in India.

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