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How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction?

Created By client Created on 23/09/2020
How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual disorder:-
which can happen to anyone irrespective of age, socio-culture factors or climatic conditions. It is an alarming condition which significantly decreases the functioning of the sexual organ to an extent where the man becomes unable to firmly hold an erection during intercourse, leaving his partner completely dissatisfied.

Major Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:-
ED may happen to any man at any time in life. One of the major causes is the bad, unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. It is the root of various sexual disorders including impotence and sexual debility. Other vital causing factors are physical and psychological reasons such as growing age, bad body image, anxiety, stress, guilt, using birth control instruments, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, medical conditions (diabetes, kidney ailments, heart problems, hormonal imbalance, circulatory issues), etc. These factors result in declined libido, energy and performance rate.

Moreover, being obese, suffering from low testosterone levels and sleeping disorders may also result in an erection problem. However, making some changes to your daily lifestyle such as being active, practicing exercise, eating healthy, minimize consuming alcoholic beverages, quit smoking and managing stress along with taking ayurvedic herbal medicines can prevent and as well as eliminate ED from your sexual life.

Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction:

Once you start experiencing erectile dysfunction then you need to bring minor changes to your lifestyle straightaway. The key for a better and improved sexual life is to get a healthier body and active lifestyle; this will definitely introduce wonders to your love life.
Some of the things one can do to avoid erectile Dysfunction are mentioned below.

Quit Smoking ;-

Start with quitting smoking. Men that are found smoking are twice more likely to have an erection problem. Nicotine is known to widely affect the blood vessels which hinder the blood to flow freely in the body. Smoking habit severely hurts sex life. According to experts, it can worsen everything.

Perform Exercise :-
Exercising regularly is a great thing for impotence in lots of ways and is highly suggested for a good sex life. This helps to circulate blood well in the body and keeps your heart and blood vessels healthy. Moreover, it also helps you to maintain an ideal weight, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and makes you feel good and confident. Make exercise a part of daily routine to enjoy stronger and long-lasting erections.

Manage Blood Pressure:-

Many people suffer from blood pressure issues and they do not even get to know about this. As per the experts, high blood pressure leads to narrowing blood vessels, which eventually inhibits the natural flow of blood throughout the body. Due to less blood flow, getting enough hard erections becomes difficult. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep a check on your blood pressure regularly.

Bring Diabetes Level Under-Control :-
Men with ED usually are found to not take care of their diabetes. This happens because of high blood sugar that can damage the nerves and blood vessels present in the reproductive organ. Hence, talk to your doctor and find out ways for getting diabetes in check and keep it back in the groove.

 Consume Moderate Alcohol :-
Excessive intake of alcohol may lower down your libido rate. It can suppress your excitement and you tend to feel tired and sexually weak. It also softens your erection, or it just makes difficult to have an orgasm. In case, alcohol is causing you ED, cut back on or quit drinking.

 Manage Stress Level :-
Nobody in the World can make it up for a satisfied lovemaking episode when in stress. Whether it is job stress, a major life change, or relationship problems, being stressed out from these things will never let you have content and up to the mark physical relationship with your partner. It will end up with the impotence issue. Hence, make sure that you effectively manage your stress levels to enjoy the best of sexual encounters.


Care By Diet :-
Diet is the major key to a healthy and active sex life. Erectile dysfunction can be avoided by taking proper diet, a healthy diet means a healthy body. Avoid canned, processed, oily & spicy food. For powerful, long lasting and exciting intercourse, eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grain food. Make sure to avoid saturated fat and cholesterol in anything you take.

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