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Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment

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Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment


Diabetes is a disease that occurs due to lesser or lack of production of insulin resulting into high levels of sugar levels in the human body that is why we here providing Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment. What happens is, our human body intakes food which has glucose or sugar in common words. This sugar is is broken down and energy is extracted from it which is then given to the cells throughout the body for their daily functioning. The essential pigment which bring out this process or facilitates it is known as the Insulin. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas. It breaks down the complex sugar into simple sugars and thus into energy. What diabetes does is hamper the production of this essential insulin. This leads to the sugar not reaching the cells in the form of energy. Rather the sugar simply stays in the human body thus increasing the levels of sugar. This is the basic structure of what diabetes does or how it affects the body. Every 10 seconds a person dies out of it or gets diagnosed of diabetes. By 2030, the number of cases can reach upto 438 million.

How many types Of Diabetes and How to cure with Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment

They are majorly 3 types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes which is the most common one and Gastational diabetes. Apart from there is also monogenic or cystic fibrosis diabetes but it does not account for the major share in terms of the number of cases of this disease. Type 1 diabetes is where the body stops producing insulin. This is more frequently found in children or teens. Due to complete stoppage of production of insulin, it becomes imperative to inject insulin through injections. Type 1 diabetes patients cannot survive without the insulin injections.Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. In this the body produces no or partial or lesser proportion of insulin. This is majorly found in elder people or adults over the age of 45. Amongst the overall cases, type 2 diabetes accounts for roughly more than 85 percent of the people having diabetes. Gastational diabetes occurs in women with pregnancy. This type of diabetes starts when the woman is pregnant. Although gastational diabetes goes away once the delivery is done but there are very high chances that the woman may contract type 2 diabetes later in her life.

There are terms like borderline diabetes which are also used. This refers to not exactly having diabetes but then showing symptoms or being at a high risk of having it further in life. However there is no diabetes that can be considered as less risky. The reason why diabetes happens to be so is that it is not good to have a high sugar level in the blood. Sugar is extremely harmful to the body if it is not broken down into energy. Hence complex sugar is often a strict no to the patients having diabetes. Many times you will see doctors not allowing sweets or chocolates but fruits are allowed despite being sweet. The primary reason for this is that fruits have in them a sugar called fructose which is a simple sugar. Hence breaking it down is easy to give energy to the cells. Whereas sugary sweets or chocolates have complex sugars in them and it becomes difficult to break it down. Even sugar as a substance in its elementary form that we keep in the house is a complex sugar. The sugar that we are referring here is the technical term and not the layman word for white sugar found in households. What this sugar does is that it further invites serveral diseases which are actually harmful to the body. That can include kidney diseases, heart diseases, eye and dental problems etc. Thus diabetes kind of becomes like an invitation to several other diseases and hence it is important to keep it in check. There is no particular cure for diabetes as such. The best one can do is keep checking for he blood sugar levels and take the necessary action to keep it within the prescribed limits with the consultation and proper medication. The basic reasons as to why this disease happens is genetic that is someone in your family has diabetes then there are chances that you might get it. Other more important reasons are sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise, physical movement. Our eating habits also decide on the root causes of whether one gets diabetes or not. We will discuss further on how ayurveda tries to tackle these mentioned problems and what exactly ayurveda does that makes it efficient in handling tor keeping the further problems that may arise due to diabetes at bay.

Role of Ayurveda In Treatment

This is where Ayurveda comes into play. Now Ayurveda in nature is the kind of science which deals with which how an individual body is. It does not prescribe a certain kind of medicine which becomes generic. Ayurveda focuses on identifying the type of body which the patient has. Taking into account his history with how it reacts to certain kind of intake and then providing a substantial remedy which would definitely bore an outcome. For example a certain person may have a body type causing excessive heat. In such a scenario if there are certain medicinal herbs or spices recommended to him which produce heat then there will be different side effects. These side effects may not be there with a person whose body type is comparatively cooler. Thus it becomes important to first know or do a case study on what suits the person based on his or her body type. Moreover Ayurveda tries to find similarities from substances which are found in nature and are organic thus reducing the nature of side effects to a great deal which are evidently found with pharmaceutical medicines or antibiotics.What this does is it prevents the other significant harm that human body may have to face as a result of taking the right steps towards diabetes treatment without actually reducing the fruits of the treatment.. Thus it becomes a win win situation for the patient who chooses to implement these natural and ayurvedic ways of treating his body for diabetes. Ayurveda identifies any disease in three forms that are vata, pitta and kapha. Vata is related to air and wind, kapha is water and earth where pitta is agni. Thus these five elements of nature that are found also have their roots in the human body. Based on what level of your dosha is more a suitable treatment is done in Ayurveda and the medication are altered in order to bring the proportions of all the three doshas to a minimum. Let’s have a look at the basic household ingredients that ayurveda insists us on using which will help us get the desired results.

Turmeric is the most important ingredient in this list. The substance comes with it’s own medicinal properties, something which is found in every home and is easily accessible. Right from applying it over wounds to drinking in through milk for faster repair of wear and tear in the body to feeling energized, turmeric is a go to solution for basic problems. Similarly in diabetes as well intake of turmeric is strongly recommended. Drinking water in copper vessels is also another very basic remedy. From times immemorial in ancient ages, water used to be stored in hude copper vessels. What this does is the allows the oxidation of the water and adds essential minerals to it through the metal which does not happen when you store it in plastic containers. The water that you intake circulates throughout the body and hence it is essential to take a look at the kind of water you are drinking for your fluid intake. Water stored in copper vessels because of these additional properties in turn increases the mineral circulation, blood flow and prevents the fluctuation of blood sugar levels in the body.
After so much talk has been done about preventing sugar levels and how complex sugars are damaging to the body especially of a person with diabetes, it is quite obvious to take a look at the taste which contrasts sweetness something that the majority is not really fond of that is bitterness. The more bitter the better is the mantra for people with diabetes. Hence it is recommended that they eat as much bitter food as possible. This includes neem leaves, fennel seeds, fenugreek and bottle gourd in various ways. Eating neem leaves in the morning is considered extremely good not just for the diabetics but also for blood circulation. Hence in the early days neem twigs used to be considered for brushing the teeth. Apart from this juice extracts of neem or aloevera and other such herbs are also taken to keep the sugar levels to a check. Eating vegetables like methi or karela that is bitter gourd for lunch is another healthy option an individual can opt for to counter diabetes. It is often said that one should drink their vegetables and eat their fruits. The combination of bitter vegetables and their juices along with eating fruits that gives simple sugars is a balanced and an extremely healthy option for patients of diabetes. Amla is another such household remedy which is soury and bitter in taste but extremely healthy for patients with diabetes. Eating simply raw amla is the best but one can also boil it and eat it.. In such a scenario drinking the water is also essential as that would have satva as we call it or essence of any medicinal herb or vegetable. Infact one can even boil vegetables like methi or fennel seeds and drink the water over it which is very healthy and has mos of the essential nutrients which will help fight the blood sugar.
As mentioned earlier Ayurveda focuses on reducing in one of the three doshas like vatta pitta and kapha. In order to achieve thatit is necessary to avoid foods that would increase these doshas in the body. Dairy products are one such thing. It is advised to reduce them as much as possible, Once can eat skimmed products which lacks the fats that make dairy products harmful, similarly low fat yoghurt dfalls in the same category. Spices are another impartant thing to look at. Turmeric has already been mentoned but other ingredients like ginger or cinnamon or mustard and coriander can be used as much as possible in your diet to get rid of the doshas or reduce them to a great extent. Green tea again is a modern world technique that ayurveda encompasses and uses to reduce the toxins from the body. Ginger tea along with green tea not only energizes the body but also help in increasing the metablism, blood circulation, a better heart rate and getting rid of saturated and non essential fats from the body which become imprtant in treating the disease.

So these are some of the important measures that one need to follow for Diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment. Of course it is mandatory to couple this up with going to a proper ayurvedic practitioner and following the medicinal herbs and other therapies that they recommend. But what one needs to understand is that with something like diabetes that does not necessarily have a cure, the individual himself becomes extremely important to himself with the way he is carrying out his lifestyle. Just medications are not going to help with a controlled lifestyle, healthy sleeping habits and regular attention towards physical fitness. Apart from this massage therapies and regular sessions which the doctor recommends also form an integral part of Ayurveda.They help in improving digestion, getting out excessive cough and heat out with procedures like Jaldhauti and also reduces that the stress levels our bodies go through and accumulate day in day out which increases the risk of diseases like diabetes. Always remember, along with healthy lifestyle and eating habits, our mental health and well being is also of equal priority and we should pay attention those as well for the medicines and treatment to work.

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