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Best Treatment for Hair Fall

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Best Treatment for Hair Fall

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Fall

Hair fall is a problem that many people across the globe have to deal with. Balding can be seen mostly in males in the age group of the early twenties to midlife. Especially in the early age group, hair fall can be a problem of grave concern since it has a lot to do with physical appearance, something that the youth constantly is sensitive about. According to Ayurveda the reason for hair fall is the increase in the level of doshas which causes a lack of nutrition to the hair follicles or inability in the growth of rich and dense hair. The Vata dosha leads to dehydration in the scalp tissues and apart from this exposure to scorching heat and sunlight results in damage to the follicles causing hair loss. Swelling of pores due to heavy pitta also results in balding. Lack of blood flow to the scalp because of Kapha is also a prominent result causing hair to break and not grow as fast thus starting the lack of hair growth.

Hair Fall Treatment

These are the bodily reasons as to why hair fall occurs but the main catalyst which leads to these reactions is our lack of a healthy lifestyle. Excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking along with not having an intake of a healthy and nutritious diet is considered one of the main reasons for this. People consuming junk food in large proportions are subjected to a higher risk of hair fall. Apart from these high levels of stress and disorders of anxiety are also considered one of the main reasons that have a direct impact on hair growth.

Ayurveda primarily looks at working on maintaining the balance in the level of doshas. The first step towards this would be to get your lifestyle back on track. Consumption of healthy home food and avoiding bad habits would be the most basic step. Besides this daily exercise and meditation helps increase the effect of other ayurvedic treatments. The food that we eat should be such that they increase the hemoglobin levels and this blood circulation throughout the body. Applying coconut oil to the scalp, rubbing amla juice can help. Cooked green gram along with methi seeds after drying in sun also helps in repairing hair fall. Drinking lettuce, spinach, and carrot juice are extremely beneficial.


There are many therapies like Shirodhara, abhyanga, and Nasya that are helpful and provide excellent results. Massaging with Ayurvedic hair oils is essential for the proper circulation of blood that reaches the hair follicles thus bringing about hair growth. There are certain ayurvedic herbs that are used for cleaning purposes of these pores so that regular and faster hair growth is possible. These herbs include extracts of aloe vera, hibiscus, Shikakai, and neem. Washing hair with these products not only leads to proper cleaning but also prevents itching and infections of the scalp which might further escalate into hair damage. Thus with these solutions, one can bring about healthy hair growth quickly.


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