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Symptoms of Female Disorders

Symptoms of female disorders can show up in a woman of any age, it does not have any particular age bracket. While the women can enjoy a healthy sexual life the symptoms of female disorders can lead to lack of sexual urge in them eventually with the course of time. While some of the symptoms are more specific like pain or lack of sexual stimulation while others are fall into the broad category of overall dissatisfaction. Only an accurate in-depth medical check up can lead to the root cause of such experiences thereby also providing the suitable solutions.

Here are a few symptoms of female disorders which you never should neglect to avoid severe sexual dysfunction:

  • Decreased desire to indulge in a sexual activity or absent of sexual desire altogether.
  • You have the desire to have sex but you are not able to get arousal or maintain your arousal during the act.
  • You fail to experience orgasm
  • Feel pain in the lower abdominal area during a sexual act
  • Sheer repulsion for having sex
  • Anger or fear towards your partners
  • Inability to fantasize about sexual acts

The biggest problem is that women simply give up instead of doing something about it. If you are experiencing a lack of sexual desire or any type of dysfunctioning during the act of intercourse, the first and foremost step is to bring it under notice of your partner. Bringing awareness of the condition can bring in a huge support from your partner and thus avoiding any further intimacy issues too. The next step is to consult your family doctor. Only when you become open about your problems you can come up with the right solution for it. One of the most affected areas due to female disorders is relationships and marriages. While sexual disorders can affect both the males and females, it is expected of women to be more upfront and frank in discussing their area of discomfort. If you are facing any issues regarding your sexual health and can sense the symptoms of female disorders do not waste any more time and act upon it by visiting your gynaecologist today or by getting in contact with a medical clinic and get it treated.

Sanjivani Ayurved Ashram is one such place where if you can discuss your symptoms of female disorders freely with our representatives and get the required help.

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