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Cure of Male Disorder

Male disorders pertaining to their sexual life can really be highly depressing for a man. But the good news is that with new technologies and treatment pans making their way into the medical world, such disorders can be cured. All you have to do is to first of all accept the practicality of the situation and not hesitate to discuss your condition with a doctor. Millions and millions of men suffer from such disorders and if you are suffering too there is nothing unnatural about it and definitely not to be viewed from the perspective of a social taboo. Once your particular disorder is diagnosed and analyzed, your doctor will suggest you the best treatment method. ‘Cure of male disorder’ has been the topic of research amongst scientists all over the world and many treatments have been developed to help the ailing patients.

Cure for male disorder can be categorized in three main types. These methods have proved to be the most effective till date:

  • Medical Cure for Male Disorder- Most common are oral pills like Viagra, Lavitra etc. which are basically testosterone inducing drugs. Direct injecting on the penis with medication, corrective penis vascular surgery, inflatable penis implants, usage of vacuum inflation device are also used widely.
  • Psychological Treatment- Non-medical issues like psychological barriers to a sexual act and performance is one of the most important factors leading to various male disorders. Individual as well as couple’s therapy can help a lot. Sex therapy is also advised wherein the couple are encouraged to work together during the act as well as are prescribed specific exercises which will help them during the act. Depression, performance anxiety, lack of senate focus etc. have a huge effect on a man’s sexual health.
  • Herbal and Natural Treatment- Male disorders have been time and again treated by natural herbs in African, Chinese as well as other cultures. In India, Ayurveda is the best cure for male disorder today because it is absolutely herbal and has no side-effects.

We at Sanjivani Ayurved Ashram offer you authentic Ayurvedic herbal treatment for any given male disorder. You are not alone in this fight of yours with sexual disorder. We have the cure for male disorder and will help you through the entire process and guarantee to get your passionate sexual life back. You can count upon our tested and proven Ayurvedic treatment methods to free you from your long ailing sexual disorder.

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